What exactly is a well-designed life?

It's a rich portfolio of experiences, adventures, and failures that teach us important lessons; that result in hardships that make us stronger; that help us know ourselves better; it's a life of achievements and satisfactions.

Because designers build their way forward, you are not just going to be dreaming up a lot of fun fantasies that have no relationship to the real world.

You are going to develop, build prototypes, try things and build new prototypes. If you actually use the tools, and do the life design exercises, you will generate the insights you need to make a change:

  • How much of the work I do contributes to the well-being of others and a better world?
  • Am I satisfied with this and if not, what can I do about this?
  • How do I find a job that I enjoy, or maybe even love?
  • How can I make a difference in the world?

Designing Your Life coaching will show you how to do this. Improve your professional life and build your way into a new life. A life and a career that is well-designed, productive and evolving, and is filled with the constant possibility of surprise.

"Designing Your Life coaching is a clear and realistic way to build your way forward..."