DYL Impact

For everyone who is looking for change in their life, happiness at work, or skills improvement.

DYL Impact is a one day coaching workshop for small groups. The participants have different professional backgrounds and various reasons to include the DYL approach in their career and life plans. This could be life and career design, improving happiness at work, and strengthening management development.

Cooperation, sharing and exchanging is extremely important in this workshop. For those who want to improve their management skills attention will be paid to applying the Vienna Quadrant in which you will be learned to prioritize your management scope. Participants will work on their Life-view, Work-view, Odyssee-plan and Impact-plan and will make use of the insights and experiences of their colleague participants. Techniques like reframing, prototyping, storytelling and journaling will be learned and applied.

There is a follow up session to discuss the progress and the results. There are opportunities to deal with individual requests.