DYL Business

For managers, professionals, talents, pre-pensioners, and outplacement projects in your company.

DYL Business is a one day workshop with a follow up session that is customized to the specific situation of the selected staff of your company. This workshop is aimed to improve the skills of your management and professional staff, to strengthen career development and to improve happiness at work.

Happiness at work starts with the employees asking themselves what they need to excel, to develop and to enjoy their work and indirectly help the organization forward. If they exactly know what they need and require, the discussion with management about employment conditions will be far more effective and will lead to concrete results. We will be making use of all the know techniques and tools of Designing Your Life, like Life and Work-views, Odyssee-Plan, Impact Plan, reframing, prototyping and journaling.

The program will be facilitated at the customers premises and customized to the specific customers needs.